The Athens Experience

“About ‘The Athens Experience’”

Athens not only boasts a lively and quintessential “college town” culture, but it offers more. Athens residents passionately support local food, embrace the arts (of all genres) and enjoy the natural beauty of the Appalachain foothills. Athens, too, is home to Ohio University. Today, the oldest school in the Northwest territory is known for oustanding academics, passionate alumni and infamous Court Street.

As both an Athens resident and an Ohio University student, I have developed a unique understanding and relationship with the city and community of Athens. I sincerely believe that this town is unlike any other in the world. And, here, I venture to discover why.

Join me as I explore Athens and Ohio University, the relationship between the two and the irreplaceable opportunities each offer. I am eager to hear your thoughts and experiences, and I encourage you to share your own stories and to tell me what Athens means to you.

I entered the Athens community at the ripe age of 11 – observant, curious and naïve. Over the past 11 years, I have been learning, growing and reveling in the Athens experience. I am excited to share my adventures with you!


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