Get Your Coffee On

The semester is winding down and Ohio University students are winding up…on coffee.

Athens, Ohio has coffee shops galore. They are not only familiar stops for community members, but frequent pit stops for Ohio University students. With finals finally arrived, many students are no stranger to long hours and late nights in these coffee shops.

Yet, each shop has it’s own individual environment, one that reflects the distinct characteristics for the surrounding community. As a result, many OU students develop preferences for certain hangouts.

I’ve provided a brief review of the most popular stops on Court Street so that you can find the perfect place to study this week and next.

Donkey Coffee and Espresso

Perhaps the most popular hangout, Donkey also boasts the most vibrant culture. The coffee shop, located on West Washington St., has won numerous awards for ‘best coffee shop’ locally and statewide. With poetry readings and a socially responsible menu, Donkey attracts the creative. But, Donkey, its late hours, and its overstuffed couches just might mean home for you, too.

Whit’s Custard and Perk’s Coffee

Although now serving custard, Whit’s/Perks remains a coffee shop at heart. Big windows provide natural light and a great view of campus and Court Street. Better yet, at Whit’s/Perks you can buy a small coffee for just a dollar!

Court Street Coffee

Court Street Coffee is your closest stop to campus. Although seating is limited, Court Street Coffee should be your go-to spot for group projects, which the shop can accommodate with its conference-style table. It reminds me of a cross between the living room at my parents’ house and Starbucks.

So tell me, what’s your favorite coffee place? 


Author: nhgermano

Day Dream Believer.

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