Critique 6

The New York Times further enhances its status as a leader in media with its video page. The video library allows readers to consume the news, of a variety of topics, with both visual and audio.

That page, available through the third tab at the top of the home page, resembles The New York Times’ home page. Along the top and along the side of the page, readers can guide their experiences by selecting their topic; a lead video appears front and center; and, options to view most popular videos and select by topic are available throughout the page. The video homepage distinguishes itself with a black background.

Upon accessing the homepage, without clicking, the lead (also the “most recent” video) video begins playing. (Although I think this is an interesting way to attract viewers I can’t help but worry that it counts toward my 10 monthly articles).

As with online stories, the video is easy to share ­– a toolbar sits beneath the video with options to post via Twitter, LinkedIn and email, though surprisingly not to share via Facebook.

As viewers begin to select videos, they will find the page format remains consistent. Immediately below the video, The New York Times provides a caption, notes if the video relates to an article and reveals the videos producer(s).

Overall, the video experience was easy to share, navigate and enjoy. (I especially love that the tabs are exactly the same as the homepage, indicating I can find videos of my favorite sections – health, food and arts). The only noticeable red-flag was the length of today’s most recent video. It was more than 15 minutes long! (Regardless of the depth, I doubt anyone has the attention span to watch it all). Even ads were even minimized in this likely high-traffic area.

Well done!


Author: nhgermano

Day Dream Believer.

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