Critique 4

The New York Times’ coverage of Anders Behring Breivik’s trial on April 18 included excellent multimedia and interactive elements. In addition to the standard elements (the toolbar of sharing options, main photo and tag within the article), the web page featured four multimedia elements and two options to learn about related topics.

The New York Times revived the first video from the archives. The video covers Breivik’s acquittal, specifically providing details about his manifesto. The video gave background information important to understanding Breivik’s political. It not only contained a voice over with footage from the trial, but also included photographs of the Labor Party summer camp and of Breivik’s propaganda to demonstrate his political beliefs.

Next, The New York Times provided audio and video as well as an interactive map of the summer camp at which Breivik killed 69 teens in July 2011. The fourth option was a multimedia tribute to those victims. (Note, The New York Time’s recently downsized cap of 10 articles per month prevented me from reviewing those sections.)

Because the article was found in the global section, the regular invitation to connect with The New York Times on Twitter instead suggested the global handle. The article also featured links to related stories as well as options to receive related email updates.

Overall, these elements united to not only expand readers’ understanding of the ongoing trial, but they provided important perspective on the overarching story of Breivik’s attack.


Author: nhgermano

Day Dream Believer.

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