Miss Black Ohio pursues professionalism and passion at Ohio University

Like many of the students studying in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Kayla Hardimon is actively involved on the Ohio University campus. Her resume includes roles such as the Black Student Affairs Commissioner with the Student Senate, brother of Phi Sigma Pi honors fraternity, General Fee Advisory Committee member and LINKS peer advisor.

But, Hardimon’s involvement doesn’t stop there.

Hardimon not only studies news and information gathering in the journalism school, she is also pursing her love for dance. Although she originally intended to double major in dance and journalism, Hardimon thought she was compromising her education with the workload and changed her dance major to a minor.

“But I couldn’t just let that one go all the way. Dance is my passion,” she said.

Hardimon began dancing as a young child, eventually choosing the activity over other sports with which she was involved. When selecting a college, her desire to pursue dance also influenced her decision.

“Dance is that time to kind of sweat it out to really work and do something that I can gauge how well I’m doing—how high are my jumps, how high is my leg—or whatever it is that I can gauge how what I’m doing off of. And dance gives me that push in the rest of my life,” said Hardimon.

Dance has been a catalyst for Hardimon. She said her growth from being the dancer in the back row to the one front and center parallels the growth in her confidence and attitude. Hardimon was crowned the 2011-2013 Miss Black Ohio, using dance as her talent. In August, Hardimon will compete to be Miss Black USA.

Although dance will remain important to Hardimon, it will not define her career path. She hopes to attend law school and eventually work as a state senator.


Author: nhgermano

Day Dream Believer.

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