Critique 1

The ever-changing media landscape has continued to evolve as James Murdoch resigned as chairman of BSkyB, a British satellite broadcaster partly owned by the News Corporation.

An article published on April 3 explained Murdoch’s decision. In July 2011, scandal emerged about News Corporation-owned British newspaper’s investigating tactics. According to the article, Murdoch resigned to protect BSkyB from the allegations surrounding News Corporation.

The article proceeded to discuss Murdoch’s resignation, the effects on News Corporation, as well as the events leading to and potentially stemming from the resignation.

As readers scroll through reporter John F. Burns story, The New York Times compliments the story with interactive elements.  Immediately beneath the headline, a large photo introduces the story. Next to the opening paragraphs, readers have a toolbar allowing them to share the article through multiple media outlets including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The New York Times gives readers several opportunities to comment on the article – in initial toolbar, further down the page and at the end of the article. About a day after publication, the article earned 93 comments.

To the left of the article, The New York Times invites readers to connect on Twitter and suggests related materials. Links within the article connect readers with related articles that provide important background material.

The story also includes a video, one I found relatively disappointing. The one minute and 40 second video contains a series of photographs with a narration and extensive quote voice over. Yet, in that short time, photographs were repeated. Rather than provide additional information, the video repeated information included in the report.


Author: nhgermano

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